About Us

We are an Australian electronic lifestyle brand started in 2019 that deals in innovative consumer electronics and charging technology. We like being the new kid on the block as we are charged up to push boundaries and try things we would have never otherwise attempted

Our Vision:

Setting Industry Standards

Unleash the power of Technology to develop smart, connected devices and deliver at your doorsteps



Satisfied customers worldwide and growing

Est. 2019

Corporate Values

Living simply entails stripping away the nonessential and focusing time and energy on the things that matter the most. In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the UKIYO’s excellence is simplicity.

Providing superior customer service is how we set ourselves apart. We aim to provide value for our customers by providing customer service that goes above and beyond to address any concerns that are raised. “UKIYO Makes Your Life Easier” is what we live by.

Our Mission:

Growing Fast

We simplify your life with innovative, quality build products at an affordable price



Regional offices around the world

We Believe

Simplicity is the DNA

We are convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity just like UKIYO